The role of technology in Fresno, CA in 2015

Technology and the Internet have become more and more important during the last 20 years. I personally remember when I heard and saw the Internet for the first time ever. It was in 1994. My friend is school had an internet connection at their house and I would sometimes visit him there. It was magical. I always visited Michael JacksonĀ“s website because I was a huge fan. Slowly everybody started to have an internet connection in their homes so it was no longer anything special. Today we even have it on our phones which is somewhat unbelievable. I have many friends in Fresno, California these days. The quality of internet connections is super high there. They also have several high quality online companies such as Higher State Online Marketing. You can find them at And if you are especially interested in what they have to offer in Fresno you can find more information about that at which is all about that city. As I mentioned in the beginning the role of technology has grown in the last 20 years and it keeps growing as move forwards. The same thing is happening fast in Fresno and in all of California. We will see where that all leads in the future.

fresno internet

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